What are the Benefits of Being a Marine

There’re many benefits associated with being in the Marine Corps. Normally, the Marine Corps usually perform three main duties which are serving the American president, controlling land operations as well as naval campaigns and finally controlling army activities within the air. These main duties are important and demanding for the US army. Therefore, there’re many benefits of being a Marine Corp. Below are some top benefits of being a Marine Corp:

Employment benefits

This is the first benefit which is based on the general salaries that come with the career. You’ll be able to get a good salary when you join the Marine Corps, which pays better compared to other forms of jobs. The starting salary is approximately $1,399.50 per month. However, the more time and experience you get as time goes by, the more your salary increases. In addition, you’ll receive TRICARE and veteran benefits – read article on marine corps civilian police hiring process.
The TRICARE benefits you’ll get involve reliable and affordable health care. On the other hand, the veteran benefits you’ll get involve veteran education, veteran discounts, and easy access to loans.

Health insurance benefits

You not only get proper health care, but you have a variety of options to choose the best health care package. You’ll also get health care insurance, which will benefit you in getting services such as free dental care and health treatment for your entire family. This means that you won’t be stressed over raising health care support funds now and then when your family member is ailing.

Retirement benefits

You’ll be able to get retirement benefits after serving for at least 20years in the Marine Corps. However, this is a downside for those who aren’t looking for lifelong opportunities in the marines. Some of the retirement benefits you’ll receive after serving the said period include free health care and dental benefits, an excellent salary, and free accommodation.

In conclusion, these are some of the top benefits of being a Marine Corp. Apart from the excellent benefits you receive while working there, you’ll also have a secured future after retirement.